A collection of public talks I have given recently. I’m always open to speaking opportunities expecially on JavaScript-related topics.

Recreating forgotten programming languages, for art!

I attempted to reimplement ART 1, the first ever documented programming language designed specifically for those new to programming to create art.

Strangeloop 2019, St Louis, MO

Recreating Retro Computer Art with JS!

Before personal computing became a thing, there was a handful of programmers and artists saw computers as a tool beyond their intended purpose: to create art.

An expanded version of the 2018 talk of similar title.

JSConf 2019, Berlin

Recreating retro computer art!

A brief history of computer graphics and attempts at recreating computer art from the 1950s to 1960s.

EmpireJS 2018, New York City

What Frontend Web Engineers Don’t Tell You

(an introduction to frontend web engineering)

Viki x Women Who Code - Web Development Talks 2017

Make Art with JavaScript!

EmpireJS 2016 in New York City

Plants are Recursive!!: Using L-Systems to Generate Realistic Weeds

!!Con 2016 in New York City

Motion Detection in your browser

talk.js in Singapore

Debugging JavaScript without console.log

talk.js in Singapore

Exploring the Beauty of Algorithms with Generative Art

FOSSAsia 2016 in Singapore