Love that you can see that Winamp, Photoshop, MSN messenger, and what’s probably ripped mp3s downloading were my desktop mainstays.

I was looking over my Livejournal account and came across this screenshot of my iTunes playlist from more than a decade ago. I listened to this on repeat in 2008, the year I graduated from secondary school, while I was still nursing a heartbreak from my first crush. Ah yes, the coming of age playlist.

It’s not a very good playlist by any stretch, but it’s such an amazing relic rich with nostalgia that I had to record for the moment. It’s a lot of American and Japanese pop (yeah I had a phase) and 80s songs.

Back then, the only way I could share my playlist was to let someone copy the mp3s onto their own players (or SD cards, god, remember those?). But wih the power of modern streaming technology, I can present them to you from anywhere. Check it out:

🎉✨ My 2008 teen heartbreak playlist ✨🎉

on Youtube:

and on Spotify (incomplete, but most songs are there)

Anyway I actually nearly lost my Livejournal account because it forced me to reset my password to an abandoned Hotmail email account. Fortunately I had the foresight to restore that Hotmail account awhile back. Years of teen angst blog posts were nearly list, oh no! I should probably figure out how to back up all those blogs.

Check your Blogpost/Livejournal/Deviantart accounts y’all. They’re still there.