It’s the end of Week 1 of the RC Computer Art Pop-up. rc popup


  • I’m pretty happy with the things I made this week. I got to sit down and play with some things I’ve been meaning to.
  • Managed to keep to my goal of ‘one new thing a day’ in addition to blogging and daily comics.
  • The reason why I wanted to do ‘one a day’ is because two weeks isn’t a lot of time, and I wanted to be able to move fast and be okay with getting distracted by new stuff.
  • It’s been mostly comfort zone stuff, so working with p5.js to make things that I feel fairly confident I can achieve. While it’s been fun, I feel like I can push myself a little bit more to do more challenging or unknown things.
  • More challenging things: What would that look like? In my head, it can either be:
    • working with new algorithms
    • learning new technology

Next week:

  • One of the things I’ve always wanted to learn is to work in the 3D space. Max Bittker joined us today and showed me some cool stuff you can do with fragment shaders. Book of Shaders was recommended as a good resource so I’ll be working through it for the next week.
  • This means that I might not have anything impressive to show at the end of next week, but maybe that’s alright too.
  • Potential distraction: falling back into my comfort zone. Which could be a good way to take a break.

Art from places in Berlin. Mostly indoors because it’s too cold to draw outside. veits place berlin balcony chaostheorie berlin dacumo berlin

Yellow is a prominent color in Berlin

yellow roses ginko bananas