generative art

More retro computer art recreations. Impromptu pairing with Cory for this, who came up with the calculations for varying the number of lines in each cell. Most of them do not have algorithms attached, so it’s a process to figure out how it’s done.

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generative art

original inspiration

This came from the Computer Arts and Graphics May 1978 Issue (link).

It didn’t have a name so I just called it fuzzy for the sensation it mimics when you interact with it.

also i met with some fellow comic artist friends from Polychromatica (a small artist group on Slack) at an indie comic artists meetup and it was the loveliest.

wee are at the end of week 1. time flies.

i’ve been sticking to the one-thing-a-day promise, but i feel like i’m not challenging myself enough since i always pick things i know i can do.

for next week, i’m going to do something that’s scares me. 3D work is in the list. i’m thinking of contour drawings (slightly nsfw) from images or generating topography using perlin noise in 3D.