Hi! I’m Sher Minn. During the day I’m front-end web developer. By night, I tinker around with stuff with Python. I’ve worked at various startups and freelance projects in industries ranging from jobs portals to payment solutions working mostly with AngularJS and a focus on UI/UX design.

I’ve been exploring WebRTC, data visualization, subway station data, and image processing. My first language was Java but I am now mostly bilingual in Javascript and Python. Sometimes I solve /r/dailyprogrammer challenges.

I also enjoy teaching coding, sci-fi and surrealist novels, running, and art!


NYC Subway Traffic Visualizer

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority of New York City releases the number of exits and entries at every subway station in the city. It was a lot of raw, dirty data and big numbers that don’t mean a lot as is. I scrapped it, put it into a database, did some simple cleaning and visualized it all on a map.

I worked with ES6 Javascript, Leaflet/Mapbox, SASS and Webpack for this project.

L-Systems Renderer

L-Systems is a system that allows us to draw complex and organic patterns out of simple rules. It can replicate plant growth patterns and popular recursive patterns such as the Koch snowflake and Dragon’s curve. Check out the examples in my renderer.

Used ES6 JavaScript and p5.js for rendering.

Project built on Webpack.

Foggy Window

You know when you’re behind a window on a cold day and it fogs up? Yeah, we’re replicating that in your browser. So you can have a foggy window in your window.

Used ES6 JavaScript and canvas to simulate a foggy window with Gaussian blur. Implemented smooth line drawing from mouse and touch events.

Project built on Webpack.

Set Solver

Use OpenCV to detect Set game cards in an image and solve for possible sets.

How it works:

  1. Given an image, identify cards
  2. For each card, identify color, shape, texture and number of card
  3. Find valid combinations of set cards

Leaflet Geofencer

A library to draw polygons on maps. Good for geofencing purposes. Github repo.

Cafehop MY

A project mapping cafes in Malaysia. Built on Angular and Bootstrap. Github repo.

Issue Scraper

Webscraper to download pdf pages from Exact Editions magazines. Using CasperJS and PhantomJs. Github repo.


  • Code Equality - Website for a coding education non-profit I help run. Built on Jekyll and Bootstrap.

  • Fasspay - Corporate site for a mobile payments company. Built Wordpress theme from scratch with SASS, Susy and Breakpoint for responsiveness. Development work only. Worked on site optimization

  • Creative Tech Camp - Website for a coding education for children. Built on Jekyll and Bootstrap.

  • Urbean Cafe - Website for a local coffeehouse and restaurant. Built on Jekyll.

I’m currently not available for freelance work, but am open to running workshops and talks, especially on JavaScript, CSS or web design. Do get in touch with me at sherminn.chong@gmail.com to get the conversation started :)